Our Mission


Thrive Together Jefferson County helps in restoring hope to low-wealth women and their families living in Birmingham, Alabama by offering long-term sustainable solutions to challenges families face in the areas of education, finance, safe and affordable housing, career training, and nutrition.

Thrive Together JC is a collaborative effort of three non-profits working together under one roof to help solve the problems of unemployment and poverty. Through our three organizations, we provide immediate crisis relief of food and utility assistance, counseling for those who have experienced trauma, job and life skills training, budgeting classes, and affordable housing options. We have outside partnerships with the local schools, local reading clubs, and local day cares to provide childcare for the clients in our programs.

Nearly half of all single mothers in Alabama live in poverty—the third-highest rate in the country. The current system for addressing poverty is fragmented. To support non-profits already doing good work, Collaboration Institute sought to give organizations the time, space, and resources to move from good to great to deepen their impact.

Developed by the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, Collaboration Institute is a funding model designed to better the align services of organizations serving low income families. It also brought the two-generation approach to Alabama.

The two-generation approach is a national research-informed model that intentionally integrates and aligns often-isolated services for kids and adults simultaneously in ways that lead to accelerated process for the whole family.

Thrive Together is a result of Collaboration Institute. Thrive Together is a network of two-generation collaboratives providing seamless, wraparound services to women and their families, including quality child care, education and career training, family coaches and support services to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty and create a clear path to success. To learn more about our services please visit our Partners page.